Who Could Imagine A King

God put time into motion.  He began the universe.  He created the heavens and the earth.  The earth He spun on its axis.  He flung the stars in the heavens.  In one hand he held the sun, in the other He held the moon.  (Genesis 1:1, 2:1) 

The God of all creation came down, and stripped himself of the glory of His creation.  In the form of man, He allowed himself to become man.  He formed himself in Mary’s womb, and became a natural man.  

All the heavens proclaimed in the aspiring greatness of His event that saved a dying world from sin.  The Stars shone bright.  The angels sang, to celebrate His birth.  

In proclamation of His glory, divine intervention and The Holy Spirit acknowledge His presence.  The earth moved and cried out, who could imagine?   A King!  (Luke 2:11, 3:22) 

In praise and expectation, the cry echoed through the years.  Thoughts of the manifestation of His glory touched my soul, and my soul soars into heavenly places.  

Not able to maintain or define the true significance of His glory, my soul cried out in uncontainable rapture.  Who, could imagine, who could imagine “A King”.  (Revelation 19:16)
Ruby Kratzer Holman 11/21/97